Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Survival of the sleepiest…

Sleep: 20 hours; Eat, play, mate: 4 hours
This may sound like an average day in the life of an American college student. However, this relaxing and somewhat loungy schedule describes the life of the koala bear; unfortunately, it is out of necessity that these creatures sleep their lives away. An article featured on today describes the fragile existance of this endangered species, and how our actions are impacting the survival of the koala.
It is true that Earth Day took place last month, but given the state of the environment, I have to ask - is devoting one day out of three-hundred sixty-five to the earth enough? It is disheartening to read about the state of the environment, and the effect that our daily way of life is having on the world. The negative impact that we are having is not something that will happen in the indefinite future; the effect can readily be seen today.
To me, it seems like there is not much any one person can do without drastically changing one’s way of life. However, I have found several “green guides” which have proven me wrong. There are indeed simple ways that any of us can reduce our negative impact on the environment without making major changes. And keep in mind that many of these green tips will also save you money!

Yahoo! Green

The Green Guide by National Geographic

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