Saturday, November 8, 2008

Gay Marriage Issue

The ban ended up passing, i.e. gay marriage will be prohibited in California. It is definitely a conflict-causing issue, even within one’s own mind at times. Though I do not practice religion now, I was raised as a Catholic, and was taught that such a union is morally wrong, but I also was taught tolerance and acceptance of all people, and so, I guess in the end, the latter sentiment has won out. One of the things I find kind of irritating about the gay marriage ban issue is that there are a lot of celebrities who are now voicing their anger (now, i.e. post election) about the ban, but before the vote, most of them did not really do very much in the way of encouraging people to vote against the ban.
It is kind of funny in general, how marriage, which is supposed to be a spiritual (or religious, if one is religious) bond between two people, became this legal institution, at least in many modern societies. A few months ago, I saw a story on National Geographic about a culture that handles its relationships a little bit differently. I especially admired the bond among the females of the society. Here is the link to the story: China's "Kingdom of Women."

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