Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Blog Action Day - Oct. 15th, 2008

Theme: Poverty
What is poverty? On October 15, 2008, bloggers who sign up for Blog Action Day are supposed to discuss the issue of poverty. The guidelines are fairly simple.

If you'd like to participate, you can go to Blog Action Day and sign up, then post an entry on your blog forewarning of the coming day (such as I am doing now), and include a link back to the blog where you learned about Blog Action Day. I first read about it on: Jack Mandora.

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Jacqueline Smith said...

Glad you decided to join! A post about poverty should fit seemlessly into Scripter's Quest for Knowledge. Octobe 15 should be an interesting day in the blogosphere.

I have been reflecting about poverty the attendant social ills in my country and this forced me to think about the global picture as well. For instance, 11 persons were killed here in Jamaica from all the rain Gustav dumped on us. But a look at the reasons people died points largely to poverty; wealthy or middle class people were the least affected. Haiti, a poorer nation than Jamaica was hit four times in the last four weeks and the death toll there is much higher than it is here. It is my belief that global warming, caused by consumerism
(on which capitalism depends - I've beed reading too much of Geoffery's Farrago) is the primary cause of the increase in the number of hurricanes that are formed every year. Now I wonder how many people in the world think about how our lifestyles affect each other?

Before I get totally carried away...

This chain that leads back to my blog, from there to Georganna's blog, and on to who knows where is not a mandatory part of participating in Blog Action Day, it was just somebody's bright idea for helping to pass the word along and getting backlinks in the process.

Best wishes on your quest for knowledge!